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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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father ran over his own child, why the father is not in custody. one thing officials are asking you to avoid. we wanted to give you some extra time this morning, we have patchy dense fog, temperature is not as cold, we will have more on temperatures coming up. we may see a lot of christmas trees. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning thank you for joining us, it is tuesday december 27th, i am pam cook.
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. parts of the north bay will continue as the temperature pro guesses. the afternoon forecasted highs are sitting in the upper 50s and lower 60s once again and we will take a look at those current numbers in just a few minutes, hello tara. traffic is flowing just fine, there was a technical problem earlier but the commute on into hayward is looking good at this hour. no delays in san francisco and we should see some traffic pick up around the toll plaza this morning due to folks headed back to work this morning, so far so good, let's head back to the desk. one holiday season has turned tragic for one family. more on what happened and took the life of a two-year-old boy. kraig? >> reporter: this happens more
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than you think, we have some numbers on that in a moment. police are continuing their investigation even though it does not look like there was any criminal wrongdoing. it happened on pembroke court. the two-year-old boy's father was backing his pickup truck around 1:30 apparently did not see the child and ran over the boy. the child was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared dead. >> we felt so bad, it was not something that was meant to happen, i don't know what to say. >> police were on the scene for about four hours taking pictures of the scene of the truck which they towed away. it happened after the initial investigation and according to child safe, which is a local nonprofit organization, children actually get into accidents with vehicles and die from them and child pedestrians
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are most likely to be injured in parking lots and sidewalks, two thirds of children killed are boys, low income urban kids are higher risk. reporting live in antioch kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting. it happened late last night not far from the bart station. now investigators say the male victim was behind the wheel of a struck when he was shot in the next. he is expected to survive. police had to shut down three blocks while searching for both suspects and evidence. the air quality official management is asking to refrain from burning wood. no spare the air alert -- they are issuing a spare the air alert. a battery could have made the difference between life and death in a holiday tragedy in
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san leandro. a woman and her two dogs were killed when her home on the boulevard caught on fire yesterday morning. valerie rogers died in her bedroom most likely from smoke inhalation and she did not have working smoke alarms inside her home. >> it is always important to make sure you have the amount of -- the right amount of smoke detecters inside the home. >> did you hear a smoke alarm? >> no, i didn't. >> it appears the flames started in the kitchen or hallway and quickly spread to the attic. officially starts at the beginning of election season which is one week away. iowa caucuses will take place on january 3rd. ktvu channel 2 news just ahead at 5:15, the last minute push
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on the way to major candidates gaining support. and after a long christmas weekend, it's time to start thinking about what to do with your christmas tree that was most likely dried out. live in san francisco with more on this story, allie? >> reporter: we saw a lot of discarded christmas trees stripped of tinsel and declaration and they also had the wreaths out here which looks dry. this is the start of christmas tree recycling and it starts today and starts in other bay areas and we will have details on the show. we will have a giant wood chipper set up for the christmas tree celebration. we will let them know this is the time of year to think about disguarding the christmas tree like the one we saw her. and we also saw it, most other
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cities in the north and east bay will not start until january and coming up in about a half hour from now, we will have more detailed information about the recycling program coming up in different cities and it starts today and other cities it kicks off later a couple of weeks from now. we will have more detailed information coming up in about a half hour from now. ktvu channel 2 news. once again they are warning drunk drivers to stay off the roadways this new year's eve. and for the christmas holiday, now officers are getting ready for the new year's crackdown. dwi checkpoints will be posted throughout the area an extra officers will be posted on the roads. >> we want to make sure they get home safely. >> now during that maximum enforcement period this christmas, 33 people were
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arrested for dui between the areas mill bury and mountain view. that is compared to several dui arrests that were actually down from last year. they are offering free rides on new year's eve, starting at 8:00 new year's eve and it will last until january 21st and it will start 11 new year's eve and include trains leaving the city until 2:15 new year's morning. have free service between 7:15 new year's eve and bart plans on extending service until 3:00 in the morning. 5:07 is the time for traffic concerns and tara moriarty is in for sal. things are looking good on the roadways, no big delays to report, some patches of fog up
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in marin county and here is a look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic flowing nicely as you make your way through the mcarthur maze. this is the bay bridge, you can see a little bit of fog. finally we have a look at 280 san jose and same story no delays to report. here is rosemary. >> let's get to those temperatures. 39 degrees sitting at 40 degrees still well above what we are seeing, 36 santa rosa, well below freezing and 40 degrees couldn't cords, 41 livermore, 47 san jose, we were near freezing yesterday morning. 46 in oakland 44 in red wood city. reporting 50 degrees and with that we have the fog. give yourself extra time out. we didn't see a lot of traffic
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but this morning everybody is back to work and that means we are going to have a slow drive in some cases give yourself some extra time that will be with us through the morning hours, low clouds and dense fog. it likes like it is going to burn off which was an earlier burn off. upper 50s and a few low 60s. ridge of high pressure is flattening, high clouds in store for parts of our afternoon in the coming days. we will have another opportunity, it looks like thursday into friday especially in the north -- especially in the north bay, dry partly cloudy, 56 san francisco, 58 santa rosa and we are looking at 68 degrees for san jose and the north bay. dry tomorrow, dry thursday and friday morning. scattered showers in the
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forecast and your new years weekend is going to be dry. back to you. she said thank you to iran after her release from prison, the reason sarah shaw said she had no choice and why she had to make that apology. a surprising confession from one of the victims. traffic is looking good and we will have more of what it is looking like in the palo alto area, coming up.
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. uc bradley graduate sarah shaw said thank you shortly after her release and thanked them in order to secure the eventual release of her fiance and friend josh fattal. shane bauer and josh fattal came home after two years in custody. and a significant blow to the most powerful drug cartel, they were nicknamed the engineer by a bullet-proof vest, he was paraded and the military refuses to say why it was caught in the head of the cartel suspected in the mountains and why it was a $7
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million bounty. the discovery of a mass grave contained 287 bodies. the iowa caucuses are one week away, allison burns tells us a major campaign push is underway this morning. that is right, pam and there are a lot of editorial pages across the country today are weighing in on whether the iowa caucuses are shaping the race. and whether they want to shape the candidates first. newt gingrich and mitt romney were at the top and rand paul wore a if he is san -- a cap while polling. >> now here is a look at the
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latest date, rand paul 2 %, mitt romney 21% newt gingrich 14.7 and rick perry 12%. why rand paul is the favorite in iowa even though he is trailing nationally, it will be in my next update allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. and we are seeing mix polls, for the first time since july, more people approve of president barack obama's job performance and this disapprove. 45 disapprove, 47% approve. that is a big improvement when he hit his lowest mark of 37% approval. however, 39% approve of his handling of the economy. and killing five members of a family member, police say one of the victims was a retired safety chief who worked out of
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department stores, the man, his wife and their three grandchildren died in that fire. two others were able to escape. demolition crews were able to take out what was left of the home and the cause of that fire is still being investigated. and scheduled to take place, a man accused of posing as a doctor. carlos is accused of running a phony dermatology clinic. prosecutors say, he has no license to practice medicine and gave at least one woman an injection after a botched liposuction procedure. if convicted he faces up to several years in prison. part of the requirement of the startup money was the first section of track had to rundown the central valley and if the bullet train collapsed, there had to be a backup use to the
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track. now the high speed rail called service to merced but they have no plans to ever use it. time now 5:16, we came back from sacramento and i want to check in with tara, i don't know what it is looking like today for folks in tahoe. well it's clear, no chain requirements and they are aching for more snow. in livermore you should always carry chains however. down in that area we are seeing more drivers on the roadways but it is still light as you make your way to san francisco. this is highway four through bay point, a steady stream of west point towards concord. let's check in with rosemary.
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we pulled rain out of the forecast and we are anticipating a few sprinkles. for tomorrow that will not be the case but we'll see it before the week is over. they are talking about it over areas of napa and fairfield, visibility is down a quarter of a mild, not as cold because of that blanket of low clouds and fog over us this morning. it will be partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny. and around the bay inland areas, mostly cloudy skies livermore, fairfield, one of the only spots sitting right at freezing or below freezing and some areas right there through the delta. they have ice particles in the air and it means it is cool if it does accumulate in the ground area and if there are areas below freezing and it could create a form of ice.
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40 in san francisco, these temperatures if you want to wake are a lot better than what we have seen in recent days, anywhere from five to 10 degrees warmer. 56 in berkeley 56 in hayward, 56 san jose, 56 as well as santa cruz, and friday morning, we will get an opportunity for may be a little bit of rain and it looks like a special to the north bay and may dry out in time for the big holiday weekend. low 60s in the forecast as well as new year's day. back to you. well nearly all of the neighbors in the european markets are showing gains on the first trading day after the christmas holiday, that is in contract where most of the markets lost ground overnight. it holds nearly 1%, shanghai was down 1.1%.
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they busted a high after being closed for the christmas holiday. analysts expect low volume so volatility could be high. they are pointing to a slightly higher opening closed yesterday for the christmas holiday as well. it starts today where you can see it on your screen and the dow jones industrial average, nasdaq and s&p 500 are posting decent gains on friday. they are reporting a sharp drop in holiday sales compared to a year ago and that means it will close between 100 and 121 k-mart stores. they will close if they do not do well and it will depend on which of the stores close.
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new orleans saints quarterback drew brees... the 27-year-old record he broke during yesterday's football game. and major supermarket chain issued a public warning through many of its customers. this is a look at the golden gate bridge as you make your way to san francisco, we will have more on your traffic just ahead.
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. temperatures are not as cool but we'll see a dry afternoon. it is unclear when they are selecting their next death row inmate. the moratorium could continue for a few more years. they blocked an execution at san quentin, the main concern, lethal drug could lead to cruel and unusual punishment and they ordered the state to redraft procedures and there is a design to repeal the death penalty. the man accused of trying to kill his wife is expected in court for an arraignment. he made the threat last week before barricading himself inside his car for an hour. they convinced him to
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surrender, his arrangement starts at 1:30 p.m. they are looking at full supermarket ads that have nothing to do with the price of groceries. they are asking them to check bank statements after card skimmers were installed in 24 local stores. many have not noticed any money missing but the bank was already aware of the potential problem. >> i was contacted by my local bank and they checked and verified the last six or seven transactions. >> i actually went to bank of america where they told me my card was placed on hold because of the issues. >> now the card skimmers were detected at the stores last month. and the first ever win, warriors beat the chicago bulls
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in front of a sellout crowd at or call arena. double, double, 21 points, 10 assists and he did reinjure for the second time in just the past week. warriors are calling it a tweak and say he is day-to-day. >> new orleans saints quarterback drew brees broke a record, the passed the record of 5084 passing yards in yesterday's game he needed 305 yards to set the record and finished the game with 307 yards. well changes are coming to the golden gate bridge, why some bicyclist will have to take a detour for a few months. plus it is a new outbreak of lotteries, the megajackpot
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that is up for grabs tonight. and a tragedy, a holiday turns tragic for a father after he backs up over his two-year- old . >> we will let you know how traffic is doing, stay with us.
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. we will continue with this trend and we will watch the clouds burn off, we will show you when and what you can expect outside your door coming up in just a few moments, good morning tara. here is a look at highway 4 through bay point. we have patches to report throughout the county. up next we have a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum and traffic is flowing just fine as you make your way downtown and towards hayward on the left- hand side. let's head back to the desk. a big-rig runs over a pedestrian in santa clara county which happened off highway 101 in the town of san
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martinez. it happened near the south county airport. when authorities arrived on the scene they found the male already dead. the truck has been taken to a nearby fire station for rent six. this morning antioch police continue to investigate the death of a toddler ran over by his father's truck. he was backing out when he accidentally ran over the two- year-old. the boy was rushed to the hospital and doctors were not able to save him. >> i feel so bad, it was not something that was meant to happen, i don't know what to say. >> for about four hours the street was blocked off while the street was under investigation. police say it is all standard procedure and they don't believe anything criminal took place. they are now inspecting the truck and photos of the accident scene. a woman accused of dropping
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her toddler out of a window will be in court on murder charges. she underwent a psychiatric evaluation yesterday. officers say she has a history of mental illness and recently suffered from extreme emotional distress. her 22 month old son landed on dirt and suffered only bumps and bruises. cortez jumped out after him and broke both bones in her feet. two girls who say they have been molested pie a childcare worker have filed a lawsuit. they failed to conduct an adequate background check on wood house. the church group fired him in 2007 for alleged inappropriate conduct with a young girl in a swimming pool. wood house is now accused of molesting girls in an after school program at trace elementary school. a 23-year-old san jose man
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is due in court to be formally charged with the murder of his estranged wife. he is scheduled to be arraigned after being accused of the fatal shooting of valerie. police found her body in a remote area. they found what they believe to be the murder weapon upon. he killed his wife after a heated argument. valerie was the mother of three young children. they are thinking about what to do with a christmas tree that has most likely dried out. the word of that program has begun today. allie? >> reporter: it does not look too dry but all of this looks dry and it is the time of the year to go to the composting or in most cases the wood chippers
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and that's the case of what is happening in san francisco. they will have a giant wood chipper and yesterday they had a chipping celebration and now is the time to recycle your tree. then the tree collection would begin here in san francisco next week january 3rd through the 13th. here is a look at other bay areas. in oakland you can start leaving your tree on the curb during your regular recycling pick up day. they actually start a little earlier, curbside pickup starts today. and on the east side, pick up depends on which city you are in, walnut creek, they will have their trees picked up through the 10th in the following week and be aware all the cities we have mentioned they are not going to be accepting flocked christmas trees and the trees had to be artificial paint on them, they
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will have to go to the landfill. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. mention millions are -- megamillions are hoping to ring in the new year with the million dollar jackpot. lorraine? >> reporter: good morning. in hayward, you might want to grab your megamillion donut with your morning coffee and that's because it is at $206 million and that's the third highest jackpot. the reason it is so high is because no tickets matched. the megamillions has gone without a winner since november 1. the cash option on $206 million is just so you no, $159 million and you can opt for an annuity and that will go over the span of a $26 million pier.
5:36 am
and it is actually real quick. why do you buy the tickets, you know your chances are slim to win. >> yes, if i do win it will change my chances. >> reporter: you are saying if you win you will try to buy this donut shop, right? >> yes, why not. >> reporter: all right, ed, thank you, if nobody wins this one there will be another drawing on friday and it will get bugger and bigger. -- bigger and bigger. you also get free donuts for life. $206million, lorraine blanco channel 2 news. economists show only small changes in the coming year. they don't expect to see much
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change in the current unemployment rate. they plan to see a change by november 4 election. they do believe it will grow to 2. 4% and growth this year is likely to be less than 2%. shopping season ends officially by the end of year. it is already looking better for retailers and how shopping season is exceeding projections compared to last year. bicyclists on the golden gate bridge will soon have to share the sidewalk with pedestrians. trail restoration work will begin on the sidewalk which is usually reserved for cyclists. they will close the sidewalk off and all bicyclists will have to use the east side walk during that closure. 5:37 is the time, let's check in with tara moriarty. >> you've said it correctly.
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tara moriarty. >> i sound like i have been drinking when i say tara moriarty. >> you are not alone. i get that a lot. we have had no accidents on the chp website so that is the good news. it is a little bit dark out there so no delays to report. we do have dense fog in san francisco and you actually can't even see highway 101 and also patches of fog so definitely take it easy on the roadways. at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is a shot of the incline. no delays into san francisco. 538, let's check in with rosemary. it took a few days but finally seeing that transition of weather pattern they are finally breaking down, we are more of a flow taking place over the bay area, sort of east to west allowing that truck to
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drop. unfortunately it is not dropping far enough. it has to be clipped with light rain and we are getting just the sale end with the clouds out there. that is why we are seeing the low clouds and the fog back with us but it was not in mpera this morning we are a lot warmer because of it. you can see it is across the bay and into the valleys this morning. tara mentioned and we had dense fog with parts of napa, visibility is down a quarter of a mile and so it could be hit or miss. we may have clear skies and then a row of fog in front of you before you know it. 39 at napa, fairfield still sitting at 28 degrees. 43 concord, 41 in livermore, everywhere you look must have been sitting in the 40s and that's quite a difference from what we saw over the weekend. 
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napa dropped to 20 degrees at some point. patchy fog and not as cold, mostly sunny skies for the afternoon and we will remain cool. a few upper 60s for your forecast, a quiet day, 58 redwood city, 58 in the north bay and in areas around santa rosa. your extended forecast pulled out the possibility of rain and it looks like a storm strong enough to bring us scattered showers in the north bay. low 60s in the forecast and partly cloudy skies, back to you. >> dozens of fights broke out in the mall, the two wrappers at the center of the mall. here is a look at 280 and san jose they will give you an
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update on a fatal accident near morgan hill coming up. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit
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. a two-year-old antioch boy is dead after a father runs him over with his truck. police in oakland are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting which happened near the bart station. the male victim was behind the wheel of a truck when he was shot in the next. he is expected to survive.
5:44 am
with one week to go until the iowa caucuses the candidates are starting a major push for support. michele bachmann, mitt romney is starting his day in new hampshire before traveling to iowa. they will allow the controversial president to come to the united states for medical treatment. he could go later this week. he is recovering from a bomb blast that almost killed him last june. the white house has been concerned that they will be criticized for providing a safe haven for an arab leader accused of killing hundreds of protesters. no visa has been issued. just as arab leagues are withdrawing tanks from the syrian area, they have been pounding opposition forces with artillery there for days
5:45 am
despite an agreement with the arab league to stop the bloodshed. the objectors are there -- observers are there to make sure they stop the crackdown on protesters. leaving an afghan war veteran, he turned himself -- leaving an afghan war veteran paralyzed, he shot him friday night after an argument over a football team that should have taken place during his homecoming party. he claims his client was attacked before the shooting. >> without going into any other details, it appears there is a lot more to it than what is just being reported. >> the shooting comes after christopher's attack last year in afghanistan. an indiana man will be in court accused of killing a nine- year-old girl he was babysitting. he has been charged with the
5:46 am
murder of the girl. she was reported missing on friday and her body was found yesterday. police say her body was found in the same mobile home park. she and her two sisters were staying with him because the mother was sick. they did not say how the little girl died. in maine they are saying somebody abducted a missing 20- month-old girl. she vanished more than a week ago and yesterday was the first time police said publically they don't believe she left on her own. her father said he last saw her when he put her to bed december 17th. a $30,000 reward is being offered to help find her. it all started with a rumor, at least ten fights broke out yesterday around 4:20 p.m. near the food court. hundreds of teens were drawn to
5:47 am
the mall because of a rumor circulate being on immediate why sites. those roomers turned out to be false and nobody was hurt during the incident. it was much calmer at the area malls but the shoppers were out there and the shopping season exceeded what they expected. they spent nearly $4 billion this holiday season and heading into the season research showed shopper track showed they upgraded to 3.47%. foot traffic was expected to jump 60% over last year. >> we are getting all these deals and some things i am returning. it is just for shopping.
5:48 am
a day after christmas last year 90 million people hit the malls and that number could top 6 billion this year. many are celebrating the week long holiday which began yesterday. it celebrates one of the seven principles of ones disa. it begins at noon city hall. we will go back to tara and she will update us on the fatal accident in the south bay. we had a big league versus a pedestrian on they have removed the body and you should see no delays during rush hour this morning. we are starting to see some backup, southbound 680 on the right-hand side, bunching up towards the top of your screen making your way towards san jose. at the san mateo bridge towards
5:49 am
foster city, no problems to report and we are seeing some congestion at the bay bridge toll plaza. fast tracks are moving and we may be back with metering lights on, it looks like the holiday is over at least for now. rosemary hopefully 2012 will bring us some great weather. it looks like we may get a shot of it by friday morning and we have light winds coming in from the northeast. right here at the surface, actually an offshore flow, up above is upper level winds pushing inward and the bad air coming from the pacific actually warming up this morning. temperatures are not as cold as you get outside the door and we are experiencing some moisture because the dew point levels are being met and we are continuing to see that throughout areas right outside santa rosa and napa is reporting patchy dense fog.
5:50 am
driving on highway 101, give yourself extra time an extra space. fairfield is reporting patchy dense fog inland areas along the east bay as well. it is not as cold to mid-40s out there. a cool afternoon is expected and afternoon highs, a few low 60s. 68 for santa rosa, 56 expected in berkeley as well as san francisco. 57 for antioch. into the south bay, a fewer 50s and 60s. 60 mountain view. forecast redwood city, 60 degrees for santa cruz. fog burning off by 10:00. partly cloudy skies for the afternoon, dry through wednesday and thursday, temperatures done bulging a whole lot. -- don't bulging a whole lot. we are all good for the weekend, dry conditions for your new year's day and low 60s
5:51 am
are expected for the afternoon. back to you. apparently they didn't spend all of christmas day with the family. it is up more than 16% from christmas day last year. mobile devices had a lot to do with the increase. buyers spent more than 172% more using smart phones and tablets from half the year. cashing in on rewards for flying shopping sore eating out. offering rewards or frequent flier miles and free parking to travelers, airport managers are starting to realize they are in competition with each other as well as alternate means of transportation. so the programs are typically free. tied to the use of a credit card, the gainesville holds readers and free access to an airport lounge.
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>> hollywood pan imagined to squeak out a christmas bonus. they underestimated the size of their audiences. game of shadows adventures and we bought a zoo raked in more than previous estimates. well a rare discovery has experts stumped. the unusual research found at a home in southern california. and the find der of facebook apparently does not hold a grudge against the company for illegally doing business.
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. queen elizabeth spent four nights recovering from a successful procedure and prince phillip was admitted to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. facebook may not be welcome in vietnam but it's founder is. they have been trying to get the government to lift this block and this trip was a pleasure trip. mark zuckerberg spent several days visiting and no official business was conducted.
5:56 am
college professors are concerned after proposing a way to help students save money. they are worried e.books will not meet standards. they are not required to use the online books if the plan is approved. 100 bird watchers will be scanning the skies for the auburn christmas -- audubon christmas bird count meant to assess the bay area's bird life. they are looking in 17 different bay area locations including a bird that will span the bay last year 177 different species of birds were counted. a rare venomous lizard was discovered in san diego county. a homeowner found it while gardening at a home in rancho bernardo. it is called a monster and is estimated to be 24 inches long.
5:57 am
rare experts will try to determine what species the lizard is and the monster is native to the southwestern united states in arizona as well as nevada. >> he and i both are familiar with the rancho bernardo neighborhood and i would not want to find that guy in my garden, tara? >> i am just going to be honest. i love reptiles, but not so much. i want to tell you about lanes in the off bound ramp, the meadow is right near the metering light so a crew is on the way to remove it. no backups to report and through fremont it has been slow going southbound so give yourself some extra time. let's head back to the desk. well a two-year-old boy is dead after being run over by his father's truck, what police
5:58 am
are now saying about the investigation. air quality, now one thing officials are asking you to avoid. now 25 minutes, we are waking up gray skies, we will have more coming up in just a few minutes.
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